Episode 30: Young Money with Iona Bain

In this episode Chris has a chat with the founder of the Young Money Blog, Iona Bain.  They discuss financial education, challenges younger people face and the importance of establishing saving habits. They also take a look at the pressures on young people from social media and society based expectations, such as keeping up with others and the work/life balance.

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Episode 27: The Power of Negativity with Oliver Burkeman

Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo in this much anticipated podcast! They talk to Guardian journalist and author of Chris' favorite non fiction book The Antidote, Oliver Burkeman. Oliver talks about the alternatives to motivational seminars and the power of negative thinking.

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Episode 15: Redefining “Goals” With Carl Richards

In this episode, join Chris, David and Tommo as they discuss objectives. A crucial stage of Financial Wellbeing is "A Clear Path To Identifiable Objectives.", in Episode 4 we zoomed in on "A Clear Path", and in this episode we zoom in on "Identifiable Objectives.".

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Episode 14: Busting Myths

We're here to challenge some standard ideas about money. In this episode, Chris and David are joined by Producer and Chartered Financial Planner Tom Morris. Adding to the (already palpable) excitement, this episode was recorded on the due date of Tom's first child. At 06:45, he receives a call from his wife...

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Episode 13: Philanthropy – Behind The Scenes

In our last episode, we looked at some of the principles behind Philanthropy. Today, we delve further into the world of giving by examining how Charities apply these principles practically. We are joined by two respective experts: Edward Thomas of Oxfam and Julian Withers of Jessie May.

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Lost in the tunnels

Outside of work, I write and perform spoken word poetry. This hobby sees me attending several events each week, either to perform or to watch others perform. The worlds of finance and poetry are not noted for their overlap, and this happy fact allows me healthy time away from both during the long mental traverse from one world to the next. Recently, however, I was visited by a rare moment of confluence. Allow me to explain.

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Episode 12: Philanthropy

In Episode 4 & 5 we talked about how to work out our “Disposable Income” and ways in which we could spend it to enhance our wellbeing. One of the ways we can spend our money to make us happier is by giving it to causes that our close to our heart or people who are in more need of it than ourselves.

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Episode 11: Community Wellbeing with George Ferguson

Community Wellbeing is one of the Five Elements of Wellbeing which, according to research conducted by Gallup, makes up our overall Wellbeing. We sat down with former Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson to have a chat about Community Wellbeing and how it relates to happiness. As always, we share the Industry Insights tweeted to us @FinWellbeing, giving you tips and advice from Financial Services Professionals. Chris' talk with George, who in 2012 became Bristol's first democratically elected Mayor, starts at 8:15 into the Podcast. The meeting was held in George's flat above the Tobacco Factory, a creative hub which he hopes will inspire more of its kind across the city, making Bristol a more polycentric place.

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