Episode 35 – The Investor’s Guide to Soufflés

This is the second podcast of our three part series on investments. With financial well-being in mind, Chris, David and Producer Tommo provide some practical ideas and thoughts around investment planning.  As ever we have a giggle with a #tightasstommo anecdote and Chris has a big announcement to make.

0:15 – Welcome & Introductions

0:59 – Football and Financial Wellbeing

2:00 – Basic Investment Principles

Episode 34 – Positive Behaviour & Investing Successfully with Dr Daniel Crosby

3:19 – The sale of Ovation Finance to employee ownership

Take a look at this Adviser Lounge post for further information about Ovation and EOT’s

8:27 – #tightasstommo tip of the week – lunchtime meetings and power of attorney

Power of Attorney refund

11:15 – Basics of investments

Investments should not be looked at in isolation to an overall financial plan.

12:30 – What is the point of investing?

15:51 – Top Tip 1

To reduce the investment risk, consider spreading the investments around different asset classes.

16:35 – What basics of wellbeing are relevant to investing?

17.20 – Are the investments aligned to your financial plan?

17:45 – Top Tip 2

If you do not like managing your own investments, let someone else do it for you!

18:00 – What’s a multi-asset fund?

18:20 – What’s the difference between an active and a passive fund?

20:30 – Top Tip 3

Treat your investments like a soufflé

21:55 – What does re-balancing mean?

23:05 – David asks “Where is the risk and excitement?”

24:35 – Top Tip 4

Don’t take more investment risk than you’re comfortable with

24:30 – Investing is different to speculating

25:00 – If you are going to speculate or gamble, make sure you can afford to lose it all

25.30 – Summary of tips

26:15 – The danger of playing with investments when you do not know what you are doing


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