Episode 56 – Community Wellbeing

Episode 56 - Community Wellbeing Chris, David and Producer Tommo delve deeper into one of the 5 main pillars of wellbeing - community wellbeing. They explore ideas to think about and act upon to engage in your community. A brilliant podcast dedicated to a brilliant man who exemplified community spirit - cheers digger Welcomes and [...]

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Episode 28 – DB or Not DB That is the Question

This podcast is all about the "fascinating" subject of transfers from Defined Benefit (aka Final Salary) Pension Schemes. Perhaps not usually the most riveting of subjects, however, in all seriousness it's a hot topic at the moment with plenty of pitfalls and a big issue for those with this type of pension. Even if you don't have one of these pensions we recommend you listen to hear about what good practice should look like when it comes to financial advice. Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo as they go through the pros, cons and things to look out for with transfers from DB Schemes.

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Episode 14: Busting Myths

We're here to challenge some standard ideas about money. In this episode, Chris and David are joined by Producer and Chartered Financial Planner Tom Morris. Adding to the (already palpable) excitement, this episode was recorded on the due date of Tom's first child. At 06:45, he receives a call from his wife...

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Challenging Some Standard Ideas About Money

There are a few ideas to do with money that are accepted as standard wisdom, that are taken as read and not challenged. Until now... Why Are We So Obsessed With Accumulating Capital? When we get to that nirvana point of having flexibility over our time, what is it that we want from our money? [...]

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