Episode 51 – Pt 3 Wellbeing in Retirement

The terrific triumvirate are back, join Chris, David and Producer Tommo for the third and final podcast in the series on retirement. In this episode the guys take a look at applying wellbeing to retirement and how to maximise happiness when you no longer need to work for money. There are yet more practical ideas from a chartered financial planner, Ovation client questions and of course #tightasstommo money saving tips.

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Being Pulled Not Pushed – Retiring With A Sense Of Purpose

One of the biggest moments of change in our lives is surely when we move from working to not working. What does retirement mean and how can it have a sense of purpose. This Financial Wellbeing post takes a look at preparing for a meaningful retirement.

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Episode 14: Busting Myths

We're here to challenge some standard ideas about money. In this episode, Chris and David are joined by Producer and Chartered Financial Planner Tom Morris. Adding to the (already palpable) excitement, this episode was recorded on the due date of Tom's first child. At 06:45, he receives a call from his wife...

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