The Financial Wellbeing Of Kurt Cobain

When Kurt Cobain was growing up in the Pacific Northwest, he lived on the edges of society. He was a grungy independent music kid, and his currency of coolness would have been finding records that nobody else had heard of, and then sharing them with his friends. He formed the band Nirvana out of a [...]

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Episode 41 – Motivation & Money

What doesn't necessarily motivate us to work harder? Money! Chris, David and Producer Tommo look at the theory behind what will motivate us and how it might change how we look at money. They take a practical look at the areas of financial well-being that link back to motivation and fulfilment in life. We also have listeners questions and the ever popular #tightasstommo tip.

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Challenging Some Standard Ideas About Money

There are a few ideas to do with money that are accepted as standard wisdom, that are taken as read and not challenged. Until now... Why Are We So Obsessed With Accumulating Capital? When we get to that nirvana point of having flexibility over our time, what is it that we want from our money? [...]

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