The Financial Wellbeing Equation

Back in 2015, I invented the expression ‘financial wellbeing’. Trouble was, when I googled the expression, I discovered two other people had invented it before me!* Since writing The Financial Wellbeing Book and producing some 50 podcasts on the subject, financial wellbeing is everywhere. More books have appeared on the subject, and wellbeing the workplace [...]

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Episode 50 – Wellbeing and Writing with Amanda Prowse

Look at us, 50 episodes strong! Come and party with the guys, Chris, David and Producer Tommo as they celebrate in this very special episode of The Financial Wellbeing Podcast. We have a interview with Amanda Prowse, author of 21 best selling books. Amanda shares her inspirational story of how she became a writer along with how her changing financial situation has impacted life over the years.

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