Episode 50 – Wellbeing and Writing with Amanda Prowse


Look at us, 50 episodes strong! Come and party with the guys, Chris, David and Producer Tommo as they celebrate in this very special episode of The Financial Wellbeing Podcast. We have a interview with Amanda Prowse, author of 21 best selling books. Amanda shares her inspirational story of how she became a writer along with how her changing financial situation has impacted life over the years.


Happy Birthday in the style of Marilyn Monroe

Ovation Client Questions: Should I invest all my cash leaving no cash buffer?

Tight Ass Tommo

Top tips from previous guests – hotel hi-jinks, online shopping and password goals


What is this podcast all about?

Who is Amanda Prowse?

How did Amanda start writing?

 – “If not now, when?”

The effect of a cancer diagnosis for Amanda

Click here to listen to the Catherine Zollman interview

Loosing count of bestsellers!

Was there a moment Amanda realised writing was a financially viable career?

Amanda potted history with money

How did Amanda go from a two income household to one and start writing?

The magic of a book spreading like wildfire

How a trip to Selfridges changed Amanda’s life

Agent shenanigans – from disheartening to amazing

Amanda’s changing financial situation

What do you do when you have financial freedom? Amanda doesn’t do what she thought she would

Only a suitcase of possessions?

Does Amanda write to an audience? Some great writing tips from Amanda


Conclusions from the guys

Click here for more information about the wonderful Amanda Prowse

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