Episode 49 – Pt 2 Planning a Happy Retirement

The second of our 3 part series looking at retirement. Chris, David and Producer Tommo explore the practical and technical issues for those on the verge of retirement. The guys look at a financial plan to explore the process and look at the principles of happiness for those retiring. Be sure to have a listen and find out how to get tickets for the upcoming Financial Wellbeing Conference 2019 along with some great #tighasstommo money saving tips.


Welcomes and Introductions

What is this episode all about –

Financial Wellbeing Conference – 19th June 2019

Ovation client questions: There is an awful lot we cannot control, so how do we lessen the impact on our investments?

Tight Ass Tommo – Ice-cream, toddlers and shoes

Retirement Part Two

The decisions people face at the moment they go from earning more money that they need to live on and saving to earning less and drawing on those savings.

Planning and technical issues when approaching the day of change.

What are the principles of happiness for those retiring?

  • Know thyself, What is your retirement day going to look like? What is pulling you into retirement with purpose?
  • Don’t compare
  • Number crunching

The guys look at a financial plan to show the process

What do pension freedoms mean?

When it comes to retirement, seek professional financial advice

A plan that takes you through decisions you need to make at retirement mapped against what is most likely to make you happiest in retirement

Part 3 of this retirement series will explore at what you need to look at when enjoying retirement

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