In this episode we have a special guest interview with Warren Shute. Chris talks to Warren about his new book The Money Plan, a brilliant resource for those who want to take control of their finances. Chris, David and Producer Tommo take a look at listeners questions and some radical #tightasstommo tips in an episode filled with actions you can take to achieve financial freedom.


Welcomes & Introductions


What is this podcast all about? We have an interview with Warren Shute, the Financial Wellbeing Podcasts often talk about thoughtful nature and how we can change our approach to make ourselves happier, in this episode Warren gives us some good solid practical tips from his new book The Money Plan.


Listeners Questions

Is it possible to open a cash ISA and a Stocks & Shares ISA in the same tax year?

Bonus question – what are the advantages of an ISA?


Tight Ass Tommo – grannies, TV licences and radical opinions!

Thanks to @DellaHudsonFCA

#Tip of the Week – selling on Facebook


Interview with Warren Shute –

Warren is a Financial Planner with Pedigree. After 23 years experience and setting up his own independent firm he now wants to give back with this new book –The Money Plan

Financial Planning can be intimidating, Warren wants to give back to those who do not get advise for whatever reason

We save not for growth, but for security

The House of Wealth

What is financial freedom?

The Subject of ‘goals’ and how they work for Warren, and why Chris does not like them!

How does the 90 day check-in work?

People don’t want to think about money, Warren is showing a proven method that works if you want to take control

Mortgage Tips

Retirement approaches quickly!

Automate as much as possible, finance and money is no the most exciting topic

Has an American father created a different attitude towards money for Warren?

Approaches to money around the world

Not creating money for moneys sake, but creating options for later in life

Warren shares stories of financial planning creating happiness and wellbeing

As we approach retirement, we become more vulnerable, and certainty becomes more valuable


Conclusions from the guys

If you would like to purchase a copy of Warren’s book The Money Plan, click on this link


Do you have any financial wellbeing questions you would like us to answer?  Do you have a #tightasstommo money saving tip you would like to share with our listeners?

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