Episode 109 – Reclaiming Philanthropy with Emma Beeston

Join us for a candid discussion around philanthropy with Emma Beeston. We dissect the reclaiming of philanthropy as a social duty, no matter the size of the contribution. Whether your a seasoned giver or just starting the conversation, this episode offers practical advice and a fresh perspective on the power of giving for you wellbeing.

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What’s on Today’s Podcast?

An interview with Emma Beeston exploring philanthropy. It’s a topic many don’t like to talk about, but how can you give to maximise wellbeing?

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Interview with Emma Beeston

What do we mean by Philanthropy?

The 5 T’s –

  • Treasure
  • Time
  • Talent
  • Testimonial
  • Ties

How to structure giving to maximise wellbieng?

Different ways of giving?

What happens when giving does not align with values?

Giving in ways that can cause problems for the charities

Focus on one area or spread money around?

The charities perspective

The head or the heart approach

Advisors starting the conversations

Conclusion from the Guys

Philanthropy as a social duty and an important contribution to society

Link to 500 Reasons – making a small amount of money go further with a bigger group

Key takeaway; clients probably want to talk about philanthropy, but may not want to be the first to mention it.

Reclaiming philanthropy – it’s not about the big boys, it’s relative and something everyone can approach

Emma Beeston is a philanthropy advisor who facilitates conversations with philanthropists, families and foundations on creating and implementing giving plans.

Emma’s book (with co-author Beth Breeze) Advising Philanthropists: Principles and Practice is available here.

Want to work with Emma and bring her into the chat with clients? Take a look at her website for further information and contact details here.

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