Episode 110 – The Financial Wellbeing Pulse with Chris Budd

Taking a slightly difference approach in this episode, we sit down with Chris Budd to delve into the exciting launch of The Financial Wellbeing Pulse, a groundbreaking tool designed to help individuals measure their relationship with money. Chris shares insights into how the tool was developed, its key features, and the impact it can have on improving financial wellbeing. Whether you’re looking to gain better control over your finances or simply curious about innovative financial tools, tune in to discover how The Financial Wellbeing Pulse can make a difference in your life.

The big secret about napping!

The Financial Wellbeing Pulse – a way to measure our relationship with money

Young Chris Budd, how his Dad’s bankruptcy shaped his relationship with money.

The choices Chris made when creating his own financial planning company Ovation Finance

Where did Financial Wellbeing come from and what is it?

The link with cancer charity Penny Brohn – the aim was to reduce stress with money and led to writing The Financial Wellbeing Book

What has happened since writing the book in 2015?

What is The Financial Wellbeing Pulse?

Link to Episode 89 – Interview with Liz Zeidler on The Financial Wellbeing Podcast

How were the Pulse questions created?

How to show impact of advice for clients?

What problem does The Financial Wellbeing Pulse solve?

Currently for the financial planning community, if you are interested, ask your financial planner to sign up

Next steps for financial planners – head over to website for further information or to sign-up

Ovation will be using the Pulse, if you want to work with them Come and have a chat with Ovation Finance

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