It’s been long overdue, but the guys finally have a chat with Liz Zeidler from The Centre for Thriving Places and explore the links between wellbeing and our finances. No Shizzle Sherlock has some no nonsense words from Producer Tommo and there is an update from a previous #tightasstommo money saving tip. Come and enjoy a great episode . . .

Welcomes & Introductions

What is todays podcast all about?

An interview with Liz Zeidler from the Centre for Thriving Places – a long overdue chat about their wellbeing work and it’s connections to financial wellbeing.

The No Shizzle Sherlock Test

The biggest risk is not taking any risk

Mark Zuckerberg

Whilst this may be obvious, be careful who you take advice from! Tell us your thoughts on Twitter – @FinWellbeing


An update from David on using a previous #tightasstommo tip

Moneybox helps you collect loose change digitally – every time you spend, it rounds up to the nearest pound and saves the difference for you.

Link to MoneyBox if you want to give it a go

TATTOTW – It’s blackberry season, bring tuppaware on walks for free food

Interview with Liz Zeidler

Liz Zeidler – founder of the not for profit Centre for Thriving Places

What is the happiness pulse all about?

3 main areas of wellbeing –

  • Be – mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Do – doing things that are good for us
  • Connect – social and relationships

How does money interact with these areas?

Is happiness at the whim of external factors?

Reservoir of wellbeing metaphor

The importance of learning and where to look for opportunities

Don’t be intimidated, doing something is good for wellbeing

Just noticing – shout out to @AskAdamOwen for his holiday Brown Sign game

How you spend your money effects your relationships

Giving: time / attention / thoughtfulness, for both your wellbeing and somebody else’s

Click here to take The Happiness Pulse, the process helps you take the time to support your wellbeing

Conclusions from the guys

This all lends validation and support to what the Financial Wellbeing Podcast has been talking about for the last six years

Use money to inform your wellbeing decisions.

If you would like to explore what Liz Zeidler is doing at The Centre for Thriving Places further, click here to head over to the website

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