Episode 90 – Why Are We So Rubbish With Money?

The guys explore why our brains are just not wired to deal with our finances. So . . . what can we do about this? Have no fear, they also have some helpful tips alongside numerous #tightasstommo money saving tips! How many do you already use?

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No Shizzle Sherlock

What is comfortable is rarely profitable

Robert Arnott

Everybody has different risk levels – for more information, check out Episode 36 – Understanding Our Attitude to Risk with Neil Bage


Todays Topic – Why are we rubbish with money?

Ovation clients are a lot less rubbish – come and find out why over on the Ovation website

Putting what we talk about in this podcast into practice

New Financial Wellbeing theory – our brains are not wired to deal with money

Quick recap – self-determination theory:

Recent history:

  • The lack of financial education in the UK
  • Thatcher & changes to our finances, we became responsible for our own finances
  • 1991 Robert Maxwell incident led to further protections with unintended consequences

We don’t have competence because it has only been in the last couple of decades we have needed to manage our own pensions


Lack of education

Society > we are steered towards thinking we never have enough money


Difficult to think of our future selves

We are not wires to think this way

We are not motivated to do things for our future selves

Financial wellbeing = financial options for your future self

Conclusions from the guys

So . . . is there anything I can do about this?

Education – listen to this podcast, and others such as Pete Matthews

Word of warning, financial education can often be leading you to buy something, so be careful

Engage a financial planner who looks at cashflow planning. Someone who will manage money now and in your future. An adviser who is not just advising you on your money.

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