Episode 4: Finding The Path To Financial Wellbeing

One of the five elements of Financial Wellbeing is having a clear path to identifiable objectives. In this episode, Chris and David discuss the concept of a clear path and look at practical ways to achieve more focus and clarity. 
The spreadsheets mentioned can be found here.

4:00 – Tweets to @FinWellbeing – Purchases that have brought the most & least Wellbeing: @sixpencemedia, @paulawhite_uk, @janbowennielsen, @hudsonaccountan, @gnosticlizzie, @ovationian, @tomdeweypoet

07:45 – A clear path

08:10 – How much is enough?

09:50 – Cash flow forecasting at home

11:43 – Examples of Subsistence Income

13:47 – Uses of Disposable Income

20:50 – FAQs to Financial Advisers

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  1. Jamie 6th November 2016 at 6:08 pm

    When is the best time to start finacally planning , Im 33 and feel like i want start writing my plan so i can plan my investments ?

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