Episode 88 – Giving for Your Wellbeing

This episode is all about convincing you that giving to others will make you happy – the wellbeing behind philanthropy! We want to hear your thoughts on the No Shizzle Sherlock topic and as ever, #TightAssTommo has some questionable money saving tips to help you beat the cost of living crisis.

Welcomes & Introductions

Featuring hay fever, a happy westie called Luna and golfing success

What is todays podcast all about?

Taking a look at philanthropy – that giving is not just for the super rich and how giving is good for you

The No Shizzle Sherlock Test

Every episode they guys will take a look at a questionable financial tip – will it be insightful and meaningful advice, or from the land of the bleeding obvious!

This time the spotlight is on Elon Musk –

I thought to myself, what are some of the other problems that are likely to most effect the future of humanity? I invested not from the perspective of what’s the best way to make money.

Elon Musk

Dear listeners – what are your thoughts on this one? No Shizzle Sherlock/Obvious or A Load of Shizzle Sherlock/Terrible. Let us know on Twitter – @finwellbeing


  • Try misspelling item wanted on auction sites like Ebay – you will find cheap items with no other bidders
  • Extend the 5 second rule to 10 seconds! (from Tammy)

Todays Topic –

How much do ultra-high net-worth people give to charity each year?

Producer Tommo’s homework on giving trends – from how much is donated to who has been donating. Buckle up, he has a lot of stats for you!

Why people don’t give to charity?

What are some good reasons to give to charity?

The principles of giving to enhance our wellbeing –

  • planned giving
  • personal connection
  • see the impact

The Butterfly Effect – pt1 | The Butterfly Effect – pt2

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Book link – The Book of Joy

Conclusions from the guys

Want to know more about giving? Where to go next;

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