Episode 107 – Making Decisions with Nick Elston

In this episode we have the pleasure of welcoming back Nick Elston for the third time! The guys delve into the topic of anxiety surrounding big decisions, particularly those related to finances. Nick, drawing from his own lived experiences with anxiety, offers invaluable insights into navigating these challenges. The money saving tips have a slight twist with a dedication to Chris’ expert money saving mum. As ever a conversation you won’t want to miss!


Chris Budd – author of the original Financial Wellbeing Books, you can view all three here

Producer Tommo – chartered financial planner at podcast sponsors Ovation Finance

What’s on Todays Podcast?

The guys chat with regular guest Nick Elston! This time exploring the anxiety we often have when making important decisions.

Meany Maureen

(This time we have dedicated Tight Ass Tommo to Chris’ Mum and her lifetime of money saving tips)

Featuring no spending, making the most of tap water and a tip to spend money in a positive way.

Tip of the week – Premier Inn early check in. Perfect for those early big city starts

Interview with Nick Elston

Making decisions around money

The anxiety we may feel

  • Compulsion
  • Comparison
  • Choice

Nick’s lived experience

Our legacy

Exploring fear in decision making

How do we get our of the spiral?

Nick handing his house keys back to bank

Walking in to decisions, is it your decision?

Getting help, the role of a third party

Conclusions from the Guys

What drives our decisions and the part fear and social media plays

The role of third party help – Want to work with Producer Tommo and a like minded team? Come and have a chat with Ovation

A challenge to fellow financial planners – how often do you talk to clients about ensuring their spending is aligned with their values?

We have a great back catalogue, if you enjoyed this episode, you might appreciate Episode 55 Overcoming Anxiety with Nick Elston

Nick Elston is an award winning mental health speaker and speaking coach. Founder of Forging People helping others overcome anxiety to unleash their voices.

Come and connect with Nick Elston on LinkedIn for more information.

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