Episode 55 – Overcoming Anxiety with Nick Elston

In this episode Chris, David and Producer Tommo share a chat with the inspirational Nick Elston. Following on from his spellbinding talk at the Financial Wellbeing Conference, Nick talks about his personal experiences with anxiety and how this led to becoming a professional speaker. With top tips on what you can do to overcome money anxiety, planting trees with #tightasstommo and a very topical Ovation Client Question, this is an episode not to miss.


Welcomes & Introductions

The Financial Wellbeing Book and it’s part in helping shape the Podcast

What is this podcast all about – 

  • An interview with Nick Elston, sharing his amazing story of how he deals with daily anxiety through professional speaking.

Ovation Client Questions – What to do about investments with Brexit looming?

  • Diverse portfolio
  • Don’t keep looking at it
  • If your financial adviser only talks about investments performance, get a new adviser

Tight Ass TommoClick here to visit ecosia.org 

Use your internet searches to plant trees 🌲🌳🌴🌳🌲

Nick Elston Interview

  • His honest approach to professional speaking
  • Nicks story, from OCD to GAD
  • Thinking the worst of daily events, and how it impacted his daily life

Money and anxiety

  • Putting our happiness into material things will lead us out of control

Scheduling recovery to avoid burn out and breakdown

Anxiety stunting growth. We find it easier to stay put and find change scary

The fear of letting others down

These problems have always happened, but now mental health is getting a voice

Wearing masks

Question and get to know yourself

Disarming truth – telling people  exactly how you feel

How to use self help books to create your own playbook to cope

Testing Mark Twain’s theory “some of the worst things in my life never actually happened

  • A worry journal
  • Writing down 128 worries and looking back a week later to see they never happened

What else did Nick do to manage anxiety?

  • Never assume an outcome good or bad, look at the facts and process
  • ‘Regret from the past and fear of the future’
  • Take emotion out of finances

Comparison is an enemy to wellbneing

Jim Rohm – you are the average of the people you surround yourself with

Choose to be happy

How did Nick end up talking on stage about his anxiety?

  • Emotional storytelling
  • People arn’t crying out to be fixed, they just want to be heard

Conclusions from the guys

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