Episode 54 – Mental Wellbeing & Money

The guys take a canter around the subject of mental health in this episode of the Financial Wellbeing Podcast. Although Chris, David and Producer Tommo are not experts in mental health, they are in money. They stick to how financial issues effect mental wellbeing along with signposting for more information and further help. As ever there is the Ovation Client Question and #tightasstommo tips. This may be a tricky topic, but we urge you to stick with it and have a listen.


Welcomes & Introductions

What is this podcast all about? – Looking at how financial issues effect our mental health and wellbeing

Ovation Client Question’s – Income protection

Tight Ass Tommo – What happened to empathic customer service?

Money and mental health

Being in a mental state that makes it difficult to make decisions when it comes to money,

  • What can people do if they are in a poor mental state and need to make money decisions?
  • How to make money decisions that will not lead to mental health issues

Chris and his muzzy head

You need to recognise the problem to do something about it.

Anxiety when there is more on the line

Talking about it helps, others have similar worries and you will find they are also struggling

Airport analogy – you are not alone, everybody has baggage

Chris and his dad’s bankruptcy

Do men find it more difficult to talk about their struggles?

We all struggle to talk about stresses as a result of societal pressures

The message is – ask for help

Feeling in control of your finances, helps you feel in control of your life


Financial Wellbeing comes from not having to think about money

Not enough people focus on the clear path to identifiable objectives

One thing people can do to manage and control anxiety that leads from money worries is to engage with your finances


Do you have any financial wellbeing questions you would like us to answer?  Do you have a #tightasstommo money saving tip you would like to share with our listeners?

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