Episode 47 – Pt1 Foundations for a Happy Retirement

In the first of a 3 part retirement series Chris, David and Producer Tommo look at building the foundations for a happy retirement. This involves some practical ideas around how to plan financially for this, but more importantly explores the idea of ‘know thyself’ and how this can help provide a sense of purpose. With a canoe update and a top Tight Ass Tommo tip for foodies, we have an excellent episode for you.


Introductions & welcomes

Battery woes and a canoe update!

What is this podcast all about?

  • First in a 3 part series all about retirement. This is a foundation episode that looks at the financial planning process and how to retire successfully.


Ovation Client Questions: Should I take the tax free cash from my pension?

Tight Ass Tommo – Pizza delivery hijinx

#Tip of the week – www.luxrewards.co.uk a loyalty card for eating out.

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Retirement pt1

For those approaching the ‘major landmark’

How people use that money in retirement to make themselves happier

Know exactly what you want to do in retirement

Retirement no longer means what it used to

The last thing some people want to do when they stop working, is to stop working!

Retirement can be scary, lets call it financial independence

The switch from saving to dipping into those savings can be tricky

Know thyself,

  • What makes you happy?
  • What pulls you into retirement?

The importance of purpose and what it is.

Episode 12: Philanthropy

Move towards retirement by starting what you want to do now

Producer Tommo explains the Financial Planning process used at Ovation Finance to work out how much you need in retirement

Keep going through the process for continued clarity


What is coming up in the next few episodes . . .


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