Episode 12: Philanthropy

In Episode 4 & 5 we talked about how to work out our “Disposable Income” and ways in which we could spend it to enhance our wellbeing.  One of the ways we can spend our money to make us happier is by giving it to causes that are close to our heart or people who are in more need of it than ourselves.

The word “Philanthropy” doesn’t just include the Bill Gates Foundation, but any level of giving from a £5 monthly subscription to your own small charitable fund. In this episode, David & Chris discuss Philanthropy and some of the ways you could gift your money to help enhance your wellbeing.

This is the first of a two part special on Philanthropy. In part 2 we will be speaking to a couple of special guests who head up their charity’s fundraising teams.

1:20 – David has been decluttering…

6:14 – Special delivery…

7:18 – Tweets – @murraymcewan, @mrxmastree, @pensionmonkey, @howardbullock

9:38 – The principles of giving

14:33 –   Giving and the removal of dependence on a sum of money

17:12 – The practicality of giving

19:12 – Community Foundations

21:03 – We can all do our bit

21:51 – GiftAid

22:54 – Legacies in a Will

24:05 – Giving Is Good For You, by John Nickson

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