This is a blog about wellbeing.

One of the biggest enemies of wellbeing is stress.

And one of the biggest causes of stress is money.

Which is why I have written The Financial Wellbeing Book.

The Penny Brohn UK National Centre

The idea for the book came from a conversation with my wife, who works as an oncology nurse and also at the Penny Brohn UK National Centre. The centre have pioneered the Bristol Whole Life Approach to cancer care. They help people with cancer to support their body in complementing the efforts of conventional medicine.

Gaining control of your finances in a way that is right for you is one part of the process of reducing stress and creating well being.

Why Is Wellbeing So Important?

Most of the cells our body produces are healthy. When the body produces a cell that is not healthy, immune cells act like the rubbish collectors and takes them away.

Sometimes the rubbish collectors are themselves poorly, or not working efficiently. The cancerous cells are allowed to grow.

When my wife explained cancer to me in this simple way, the logical question that followed was “What can we do to help the immune cells?”

The answer lies in the Penny Brohn Bristol Whole Life Approach, by focusing wellbeing in the mind, emotions and spirit as well as the body.

Huge amounts of research have gone into medicine which kills the cancerous cells. But the other side of the story is what we can do to help the immune cells within our bodies to be as strong and productive as possible, to look at all aspects of our whole person in order that we may help our body to heal itself.

Reducing Stress

Gaining clarity and control over our finances in a way that best suits us can be a key part of this whole person approach.

Indeed, not only can gaining financial wellbeing reduce stress, there are proactive things that we can do to ensure that we use our wealth to increase our overall wellbeing.

Most financial planning books aim to make you wealthier. This is a financial planning book that aims to make you happier.

Good quality financial planning really can play a part in protecting against cancer.

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