Episode 29: A Cracker of a Podcast with Hafdis Huld

Put your feet up and nibble on some left over Christmas chocolate whilst relaxing with the Financial Wellbeing Podcast. Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo in this festive Christmas special. We have lighthearted games, music, Christmas crackers and a special interview with Icelandic singer/songwriter Hafdis Huld. Play along with Sound Charades, enjoy some seasonal money saving tips from #TightAssTommo and we ask Hafdis the meaning behind her new album title Dare To Dream Small.

♦ Festive Wellbeing word from around the world

Iktsuarpop – Inuit

Jólabókaflóð – Icelandic

♦ Why straw pigs in Sweden? If you know please do tweet us with an answer @finwellbeing

♦ Some cracking tips from #TightAssTommo. From butter to re-gifting in the new year.

♦ Fun and games – play along with Sound Charades, can you shout the out the answer quicker than David?

♦ Interview with Hafdis Huld – What does dare to dream small mean?

Know thyself, understanding your dreams and not getting lost in expected dreams. Dream about what is enough for you, know what is important and spend your money on that.

Petta Reddast – Icelandic, lets see what happens as it will all be fine

If you want to hear more music from Hafdis, take a look at her website for music videos – click here.


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