Episode 27: The Power of Negativity with Oliver Burkeman

Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo in this much anticipated podcast! They talk to Guardian journalist and author of Chris’ favorite non-fiction book The Antidote, Oliver Burkeman. Oliver talks about the alternatives to motivational seminars and the power of negative thinking.


0:12 – Welcome & Introductions

0:56 – The Money Charity

2:60 – Wellbeing Word from around the world

Norway – Koselig

4:05 – Tight Ass Tommo

Great tips including posting clothes and gate crashing weddings!

#tipoftheweek – Cashback | Top Cashback

7:50 – Introduction to Guardian journalist Oliver Burkeman

8:55 – Oliver explains his book, The Antidote, an alternative to motivational seminars and the power of positive thinking.

11:40 – The problem with ‘clear goals’ thinking

13:45 – The philosopher and stoicism

It is not the event, it is our beliefs about events that make us distressed

16:05 – Understanding yourself and knowing the limits of understanding yourself

17.50 – Non Attachment (from Buddhism)

18:50 – What can people do to insulate themselves from the noise of self-help?

19:34 – Just do something! (Simmone Gnessen podcast)

20:00 – Negative visualisation, what is actually is the real worst thing that could happen?

21:45 – Capacity for Loss

22:20 – Effectuation

26:28 – Acceptance, to reconcile happiness and achievement

30:40 – Fatherhood changing views

32:42 – Chris and David talk over the topics discussed in the interview

34:42 – Do not wait for that perfect moment, just do something (Carl Richards podcast)

35:00 – Dame Kelly Holmes on making mistakes


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