Episode 15: Redefining “Goals” With Carl Richards

In this episode, join Chris, David and Tom as they discuss objectives. A crucial stage of Financial Wellbeing is “A Clear Path To Identifiable Objectives.”, in Episode 4 we zoomed in on “A Clear Path”, and in this episode we zoom in on “Identifiable Objectives.”. As ever, we challenge some traditional thinking and suggest alternatives in order to increase our Wellbeing.

Joining us is a man who has achieved nothing short of legendary status within the Financial Planning world. Carl Richards is a Certified Financial Planner who features weekly in the New York Times, offering simple diagrams explaining often rather complicated financial concepts. Carl has written two books, “The Behavior Gap” and “The One Page Financial Plan”, as well as a Podcast of his own called “The Behvaior Gap Podcast”. He has featured on Oprah.com and Forbes.com.

The three discuss the idea of “Goals”: how to define them, the importance of modifying them and how to ultimately achieve them. They share experiences within the industry, offering insights into a wide-range of topics.

2:05: An Introduction to Carl Richards

3:19: Tweets from @carldavidthorpe, @marinaflo and @rickatkinson

5:53: Interview with Carl Richards

6:55: Carl’s Rise to Notoriety

8:08: “I’m not fascinated by money, I’m fascinated by Humans”

9:20: The beginning of Carl’s diagrams

13:55: The importance of alignment

15:45: Goals & Objectives

22:35: Financial Planning and Coaching

24:09: The VAK Model of Learning

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