Episode 16: Take the First Step

Every long journey starts with a small step but in what direction? This can be a daunting thought. How about breaking this down and making the direction you want to head in easier to work out and understand.

Join Chris and David as they talk about how you can start thinking about this in small bitesize chunks. This includes some tips on making this a simpler and less daunting task so the journey does at least start. Remember as you go along the financial planning process you start to get more clarity over what you want from life so don’t worry about not having all the answers now, just take a step!!

We also talk about how Chris has been schooling his ‘lucky’ children in the art of budgeting and how the Next Generation of Financial Planners are embracing Financial Planning and Financial Wellbeing.

2:00 Chris’s children’s budgeting

4:15 Summary of what are we going to talk about

5:08: Tweets from @JamesDWetherall, @theactualdanny

5:28: Financial Planners and the Next Generation @Nxtgenplanners

9:25: David quotes Goethe “What have you can do or dream you can, do it now”

9:48: “Two times that are best to plant a tree, 100 years ago was the best time, the second best time is now”

10:30: Tip on how to work out an objective

13:00: Self Limiting Beliefs, are these holding us back?

13:38: Chris’ view on “Goals”

14:51: Personal story from David on his Everest Goal

18:00: Chris pleads (again) for Oliver Burkeman to be guest

19:20: The importance of regular reviews of your plan

21:30: Engagement and the Financial Planning Dilemma

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