Episode 59 – Social Prescribing

Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo as they explore how all the areas of wellbeing support each other. In this episode the spotlight is on social prescribing, digging a little deeper past the initial problem and looking at more preventative solutions. With updates from the IFW, Ovation Client Questions on life assurance and plenty of sheds in the Tight Ass Tommo tip of the week have a listen to another great Financial Wellbeing Podcast.

Welcomes & Introductions

David will be appearing in the Bristol Old Vic play Red Lion, 11th – 28th March – click here for more information and tickets

What is this podcast all about –

  • Other areas of wellbeing and how they all support each other

Ovation Client Question’s – Life assurance. Early payouts in exceptional circumstances to maximise wellbeing.

Tight Ass Tommo

Shed’s, Shed’s, outbuilding’s and Sheds! Along with dieting and running the Bristol 10k.

#tightasstommo’s borrowed tip of the week – Get kids watching Disney

Thank you to Marcus @marcusinstroud and Amyr @a_rochalima

Initiative For Financial Wellbeing Update

Social Prescribing

It’s about time!

The NHS definition of social prescribing – looking at the wider issues of wellbeing

20% of GP consultations are for social issues not health

Looking more at preventative solutions

Financial help from Macmillan, for those with cancer, but can also help others – click here

The five parts to wellbeing that all interact with each other:

  • Community
  • Social
  • Career
  • Physical
  • Financial

Financial wellbeing supports all the other areas

How does social prescribing fit in with financial wellbeing?

Community story from @leisa_batkin a Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Starting conversations

Social outlets needed to avoid loneliness

Don’t sit on the wall and let the world go by

A wise Brummie from David’s hitchhiking days

Finding purpose

Link to Episode 55 Overcoming Anxiety with Nick Elston

Do your own social prescribing, build it into your planning when working out what you want from life

  • Plan social interaction
  • Plan recovery time

Conclusions from the guys

This is what a good financial planner can do for you. They get to know you and find out your motives, spending time to help you maximise your wellbeing.

Shameless plug – Ovation Finance can help with that – click here for more information

Do you have any financial wellbeing questions you would like us to answer?  Or do you have a #tightasstommo money saving tip you would like to share with our listeners?

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