Episode 102 – Exploring Purpose with Jan Bowen-Nielsen

In this episode the guys chat with coaching expert Jan Bowen-Nielsen to explore the essence of financial wellbeing – finding your purpose in life. With four questions you can answer to start your financial wellbeing journey.

Welcomes & Introductions

What’s on todays podcast?

An interview with Jan Bowen-Nielsen – mentor to Chris and taught him everything he knows about coaching! They discuss the differences between a goal and an objective.

Tight Ass Tommo

Interview with Jan Bowen-Nielsen

Jan trained Tom in his coaching skills and continues to work with the Ovation team.

The idea of purpose is bigger than finite goals and objectives

It can be really difficult to work out what our purpose is, don’t be to hard on yourself – it takes time.

Follow along with the exercise – go with the first thought / direction

  • What gives you meaning in life?
  • What gives you purpose in life?
  • What are your goals in life?
  • What do you enjoy doing?

Come from four different angles to explore what you want to do in life.

Advisors can be put off exploring this with clients if they have not had training and/or practice – The IFW and Quiver Management provide the Coaching Skills for Financial Planners course to help, click here for more details

Conclusions from the guys

Now Financial Wellbeing has become well known, what feedback do we get from fellow advisors?

Advisors start with all the technical to become regulated and able to practice, but the financial wellbeing conversations give purpose, you see the impact on lives

Jan Bowen-Nielson is managing director at Quiver Management. European Quality Awarded and accredited coaching and mentoring training courses for leaders and professionals, giving them the mindset, skills and confidence to coach and mentor their team members, colleagues and clients to higher performance.

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