Episode 103 – Money Stories with Sarah Newcombe

Chris and Producer Tommo are joined by Editor Tammy whilst David is away for just this one episode. They bring an insightful interview with psychologist Sarah Newcombe discussing money stories and the essential questions you need to ask to change the narrative. Join us for a transformative journey along with the usual #tightasstommotips.

Welcomes & Introductions

What’s on todays podcast?

An interview with psychologist Sarah Newcombe around recognising our money stories and how we can change the narrative for wellbeing and happiness.

Boardgame Fun

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Tight Ass Tommo

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  • Looking for cheap kids meals out – Money Saving Central

Interview with Sarah Newcombe

Thrive – financial empowerment centre. Empowerment based financial education

What does Sarah mean by money stories?

Chris and his Dad’s money story

Understanding your financial narrative, money beliefs and how they shape us.

How can we go about understanding?

Narrative psychology

Going along just fine, BIG UGLY thing happens . . . what next?

  • Contamination narrative
  • Redemption narrative

Sarah’s money story

How can people recognise their own money stories?

Considering if money is good? Bad? Then dig deeper into your reasoning.

Link to Episode 78 – Interview with Dr Moira Somers

Understand what money stories are, understand our money stories that are OK and our money stories that make us unhappy so we can change the narrative.

Questions to ask of your money story

Embrace the power of the word “Yet”

Conclusions from the guys

Sarah Newcombe, PhD, is an applied behavioural scientist, turning the findings of academic research into practical planning tools for advisors and the investors they serve.

Sarah is the founder of Thrive Financial Empowerment where she helps people build lives they love with recourses they have and wrote the book Loaded exploring money accumulation without compromising your values.

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