Episode 80 – 10 Financial Tips I Wish I Could Tell My 18 Year Old Self

In this episode the guys think about turning back time to consider sage financial tips they wish they understood when they were 18, you know, way way back in the day! With another No Shizzle Sherlock test and the perennial favourite #tightasstommo we have a great episode for you.

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Featuring holidays in Scotland with a game of Shinty, young children and a COVID vaccination recommendation

What is todays podcast all about?

If you could go back in time and give your 18 year old self a financial tip – what would it be? The guys share some great advice, both pithy and serious.

The No Shizzle Sherlock Test 🔎
Every episode the guys will take a look at a questionable financial tip

Today’s Tip – How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? Robert G Allen


Featuring Producer Tommo’s very cheap golf kit!

Todays Topic – The guys share some financial hints and tips, from alllll the years experience they have. 😉 They have made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

1 – Choice of career and university degree – consider what you enjoy

Darren Cook – Don’t have 4 kids!

2 – Choice of career and university degree – it is okay if what you enjoy changes.

Annie Shaw -Never put off saving tomorrow, what you could be saving today

3 – Work harder

Paula White – Maintain a balance between spending and saving

4 – Gambling is a total and utter waste of money

5 – Think about your spending and if it is really bringing you joy.

Matt Aitchison – You will remember experiences, not the tat you buy

6 – Learn how to meal plan – including the joy of soup!

Martha Lawson, Squanderlust Podcast – Quality over quantity

Ed Dymott – Don’t get a credit card, Karen Wake agrees – It’s not credit, it’s debt

7 – Let yourself be happier

Brenden Frazier, Thu Human Side of Money – Focus less on accumulating money and focus more on how you allocate it

8 – Take up the company pension scheme

Chris Ankers – During summer holidays, find work that gives you experience in your later career – and be interested!

9 – Divide a windful, save half/spend half

10 – Work out what you want from life and spend your money on that!

The things that make us happy are social relationships, so compassion, self compassion and friendship brings wellbeing, focus your money on fostering that.

Thank you to our listeners, for all your top tips

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