Episode 81 – Going Beyond: Interview with Eric Roberge

The guys are going global in this episode of The Financial Wellbeing Podcast as they chat with ‘Beyond Your Hammock’ founder Eric Roberge from Boston in America. They explore what a financial plan looks like and the process to create one, along with a great #tightasstommo tip if you are ever in Boston for a night out. Along with regular money saving tips and the no shizzle sherlock test, come and enjoy a brilliant episode.

Welcomes & Introductions

What is today’s podcast all about?

An interview with Eric Roberge, a fellow financial planner from America who founded his own financial planning firm, Beyond Your Hammock – they help people to use their money as a tool to live well. Something we appreciate here on the Financial Wellbeing Podcast

The No Shizzle Sherlock Test 🔎
Every episode the guys will take a look at a questionable financial tip

Today’s Tip – Shortselling “advice” from TikTok


Featuring nights out in Boston, getting old and what to do with a windfall.

Today’s topic – Kids Pass App (click here for link)

Do you have a brilliant #TightAssTommo money saving tip? Come and tell us on Twitter @FinWellbeing or email it to us contact@finwell-being.co.uk

Interview with Eric Roberge

Introduction to Boston, Massachusetts!

History of how Eric honed in on money and life, making it for for you now and financial freedom in the future

Its not about the money, it’s about how money supports you

What does being a certified planner in the USA mean?

What does Eric think a financial plan looks like?

  • evolves as peoples lives change
  • link to Carl Richards episodes 15 and 19

What does the process of making a financial plan look like?

How to use your money to support your values

Is it possible to envisage our future selves?

What barriers do people face when it comes to engaging with their finances

Our relationships with money

Why is Eric’s company called ‘Beyond Your Hammock’?

Conclusions from the guys

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