Episode 19: “Financial Entertainment” with Carl Richards

In this episode, join Chris and David as they discuss the differences between investing and speculating, as well as how we can be guilty of “confirmation bias” and how this impacts our decisions.

Joining us again is a man who has achieved nothing short of legendary status within the Financial Planning world. Carl Richards is a Certified Financial Planner who features weekly in the New York Times, offering simple diagrams explaining often rather complicated financial concepts. Carl has written two books, “The Behavior Gap” and “The One Page Financial Plan”, as well as a Podcast of his own called “The Behavior Gap Podcast”. He has featured on Oprah.com and Forbes.com.

0:30: Chris gives us an update, which includes how Ovation helped link Jessie May and Gloucestershire CCC. He also talks about his new band member missing practice because of Scouts.

2:10: Confirmation Bias

4:55: Tweets from @ruthstp, @AlignLtd, @petejadcock @LondonMoneyFS @clivewaller

7:25: David shares a story about his own speculating experience

9:36: Carl Richards Interview

10:39: What is Financial Pornography/Entertainment?

13:32: “If it’s exciting it’s probably not investing”

13:50: “Investing is short term boring, long term exciting” “Speculating short term exciting, long term really exciting”

15:16: Warren Buffet’s view on investing

14:30: Turning off Financial Entertainment could save you 200 hours a year

17:05: Take time to notice your interactions with money

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