Episode 22: What Does a Financial Plan Look Like?

In this episode join Chris and David as they round up previous podcasts and explain what a financial plan looks like.

They look at the main steps that are taken, which includes understanding the cost of your lifestyle,  looking at your possible future and finding out what’s achievable. There are links back to previous podcasts that go into more detail to help you make the most of planning your finances.

We also enjoy some more tips from #tightasstommo. If you want to share a great money saving tips with us, tweet @Finwellbeing for a shout out.

1.30 – Fanny Cradock’s doughnuts!

2.00 – Catching up on previous podcasts, What is a Financial Plan?

3.37 – Tip of the week from #tightasstommo

8.00 – How to save money and be environmentally friendly

8.25 – What might a financial plan look like?

9.40 – Goals & Objectives with Carl Richards – click here for link to episode 15

10.50 – Simplified Cashflow Forecasting Spreadsheet – click here for link

11.10 – Click To Tweet: You can’t start your journey without knowing the destination, but you can’t work out the destination ’til you know the budget @Finwellbeing

12.00 – Financial Capability with Neil Bage – click here for link to episode 21 podcast

13.10 – Check your bank balance for old direct debits no longer using

14.15 – What is disposable income? – click here for link to episode 5 podcast

16.00 – Check out the Government Gateway for your state pension forecast

17.40 – How to spend newly found money!

18.40 – Interesting news from David

19.30 – Engage with your finances

19.40 – Know Thyself, the underlying principle behind financial wellbeing

20.00 – Philanthropy podcasts – Episode 12, Episode 13

20.18 – Finding out what is achievable

21.30 – Be challenged in a meaningful way

23.00 – Assumptions and Objectives to help future decisions

24.10 – Keep reviewing and adapting the plan

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