Episode 25: Behavioural Economics with Greg Davies

In this episode Chris, David and Producer Tommo are joined by behavioural economist Greg Davies who talks about how our emotions effect our decision making process and how we can become more comfortable when making financial choices.

We have Tight Ass Tommo’s #tipoftheweek along with money saving tips from our podcast listeners.


0:20 – Introductions and who is Greg Davies

2:35 – Wellbeing words and their meaning from around the world

Japan – Ikigai (ee-kee-guy)

4:00 – Tight Ass Tommo

The highs and lows of haircuts and charity shops.

#tipoftheweek – Too good to go app

7:20 – Intrinsic motivation & money decisions

10:10 – Interview with Greg Davies

How he got into applied decision science

12:30 – What is Behavioural Economics?

When making financial decisons we are often purchasing emotional comfort at the cost of long term returns. So how can we do this efficiently without shutting off our emotions?

18:30 – How to apply behavioural economics to real financial issuse we face?

20:30 – Creating comfort in the financial decision making process

25:50 – Chris and David discuss and summerise the interview


If you have any tips for Tight Ass Tommo’s #tipoftheweek please do email us or teet @finwellbeing along with any thoughts on this podcast.

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