Episode 33 – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

This week Chris, David & Producer Tommo discuss The Pleasure from Delaying Consumption and how planning and waiting for experiences and purchases can increase our well-being.

As always we have our #tightasstommo tip, which by his own admission is arguable the most middle class one we’ve had thus far.


0:15 – Welcome

2:03 – Introduction to this podcast topic

3:36 – New feature ideas

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6:42 – Late tax return excuses

9:43 – #tightasstommo Tip of The Week

From selling multipacks at a profit, to free drinks at the pub. Check out the Houzz app for interior design

14:53 – The pleasure from delaying consumption

15:14 – Work out how much you need to spend for a happy life

17:26 – Disposable income – link to episode 5

18:41 – Spending your money in smarter ways

19:21 – We have lost the enjoyment of anticipation through instant consuerism

21:10 – Think of something you had to plan to purchase, looking forward to and saving up for this item.

24:07 – The pleasure in anticipation

26:04 – What can we do to improve wellbeing? Some tips and ideas on how to take pleasure from a purchase.



Happy Money by Elizabeth Dunn & Michael Norton


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