Episode 44 – Meaningful Money with Pete Matthew

We have a special guest interview in this episode – the legend of financial planning and all round good egg, Pete Matthew. In the interview Pete talks to Chris about his new book The Meaningful Money Handbook. They explore being intentional in your approach to money, top budgeting tips and how to spend your money meaningfully. With great #tightasstommo money saving tips we have an action packed episode for you to enjoy.


Welcomes & Introductions

What is this podcast all about? – The three steps we can take to Meaningful Money

Tight Ass Tommo

Cold water, cabbage wine and Christmas food shopping!

#Tip of the week – Cut price fancy dining with FirstTable.co.uk

Interview with Pete Matthew – Talking about ideas and tips from Pete’s new book

Why is the word ‘intentional’ so important in Pete’s approach to money?

The 3 steps to Meaningful Money

Pete’s main investment tip

Spend less than you earn – top budgeting tips

  • Current account revelations
  • Budget to zero
  • Set aside money for wellbeing

Finding the balance between the now and the one day

Thinking about retirement and what we might need

How to be intentional with saving money

How to spend money when you don’t have much

Responsibility, and not putting the blame on others

Allowing yourself to spend money and take joy from it

Tools Pete gives to people to empower them

Conclusions from the guys


Pete Matthew is a Chartered Financial Planner, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Managing Director of Jacksons Wealth Management in Penzance, UK. The point of his podcast Meaningful Money is to convey my belief that Financial Planning is really simple for the vast majority of people. IIS possible for anyone to achieve their goals, whether financial or otherwise, by following some pretty basic rules. Click here for more details.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Pete’s book The Meaningful Money Handbook click on this link.


Do you have any financial wellbeing questions you would like us to answer?  Do you have a #tightasstommo money saving tip you would like to share with our listeners?

If so, let us know and they could feature on a future episode. Contact us via Twitter @Finwellbeing or email – contact@financialwell-being.co.uk


If you would like to purchase a copy of The Financial Wellbeing Book please click on this link to visit Penny Brohn UK shop



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