Episode 6: Jeff Prestridge on Financial Wellbeing

In this episode, Chris and David are joined by The Mail on Sunday Personal Finance Editor Jeff Prestridge. Jeff is something of a legend in the field of personal finance, and he shares his views on The Financial Wellbeing Book, and whether the press in this country could do more to promote Wellbeing in relation to money. The interview is fascinating, we’re sure you’ll agree, and gives an insight into the mind of a true expert.

1:36 – @paulawhite_uk tweets us the last paragraph of short blog from @BernadetteGiwa

2:23 – Introduction to Jeff Prestridge

3:08 – Interview with Jeff Prestridge

3:30 -Scarcity of Financial Wellbeing in the media

4:48 – Financial Education

7:27 – ‘Capitalism with a heart’

9:04 – Jeff Prestridge on success

11:07 – Jeff Prestridge on the importance of physical fitness

12:25 – ‘Wellbeing is integral to my DNA’

12:45 – Life is very short

17:03 – Philanthropy bringing completeness

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