Episode 7: Michelle McGagh’s No-Spend Year

If money really does buy happiness, Michelle McGagh ought to be utterly miserable. In this episode, Chris and David are joined by the freelance financial journalist who has decided to only spend money on food for all of 2016, and writes about her experiences in her Guardian column here. The three discuss what effect, if any, this year so far has had on Michelle’s sense of Wellbeing and relationship toward money.

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1:25 Tweets – @rpower, @cashquestions, @paulawhite_uk, @jessgurwrites, @matthewwallne

3:38 – Interview with Michelle McGagh

4:30 – What prompted the extreme approach?

5:44 – The Rules

12:38 – Michelle’s relationship with money before she started

14:10 – Control of Daily Finances

14:47 – The dress & the mortgage

15:55 – What next?

17:02 – Money in British public discourse

18:10 – The Advice Gap

20:00 – How has Michelle’s relationship with money changed?

21:00 – Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man

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